• DSCN7239 копия

    System NEO di Mare

    NEO di Mare system expands the horizons of the exhibition design, using the waveform and curved glass to create a dynamic and memorable stands. NEO di Mare – This innovation is the fruit of lengthy calculations and experiments. The gentle curve of the walls creates a warm and hospitable area for the stand visitors, that […]

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    NEO & WOOD

    Combination of classy and high tech technologies. Warm contentment of wood burning arts sublimed with progressive sheen of curved glass. Completing the heritage of interior tradition approved through centuries with a new-era approach. New level of difference will ensure you outstand on the ground. NEO di MareNEO ELFNEO NICKNEONEO di Mare 2.0NEO Double DeckNeo Wood […]

  • cafe for mall

    NEO Bar

    We have developed a new modular glass system, that in last two years successfully proved itself as a great construction tool for the exhibitions and events. Following market research and our clients feedback, we have decided to expand capabilities of equipment, in order to use it in different industries. Moreover, several new designs and additional […]

  • 0V8A2014

    NEO Kiosk

      Whether it is a shopping mall, golf club or resort NEO can impress. It is applicable both to high-tech and province stylistics due to the wide range of graphic design. Beautify the surroundings with the glowing magic of NEO. Amaze your customers with gloss. Attract them with difference. Be a pearl. Magnetic NEO-atmosphere will […]

  • airport cafe

    NEO Cafe

    As part of our interior solutions, we would like to bring to your attention new product – NEO CAFÉ. We offer revolutionary design for premium class café, suitable for shopping malls, business centers, conference halls or airports. We create stylish environment for modern crowd! As part of our interior solutions, we would like to bring […]

  • reception desk glass

    NEO Receptions

    We are pleased to inform you that our wonderful modular solutions can be implemented far beyond the exhibition business. Receptions is one of the most inspiring and prospective directions for our innovative glowing glass system.Impression of every hotel, office or conference hall starts from the entrance and reception area. We offer a solution to make […]

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    NEO sells. Get involved.

        -Is NEO perfect for advertisement? -Absolutely. Being eye-catching, innovative and modular, NEO systems are extremely attractive for advertisers. It can be used as a premium-looking brand wall or differently shaped installation as it is shown in the pictures.Use it at exhibition, shopping mall, airport, office or hotel. Any functional elements of interior can […]

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    System NEO

    What worked twenty years ago may not necessarily work today. This thought materialized into System NEO – the first of the NEO series of modular equipment. The result of the experiment was stunning: beautiful, attractive and inspiring glass architecture full of light and colors. Despite the strict limitations of the system – sharp angles, rectangular […]

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    System NEO NICK

    NEO Systems is an equipment type that can be explored endlessly and creatively. While there is a different style and concept behind every NEO system, it takes NEO NICK to combine them all into a luxury booth. It has gentle rounded corners of NEO di Mare, space sufficiency of NEO di Mare 2, simple straight […]

  • Discovery_exhibition_system (2)

    System NEO ELF

    Exploring the art of creating new glass structures and studying clients’ feedback, a demand for glass stands that would combine simple geometry and curved angles was discovered. Rounded corners are easier on human’s eyes and are instinctively perceived as friendly and warm. Rounded rectangles have become a design standard.Because of its appealing aesthetic, NEO ELF […]

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    System NEO di Mare 2.0

    As soon as NEO di Mare came to life, its space-savvier version – NEO di Mare 2 – was developed. Double-thinner and double-curvier than di Mare, NEO di Mare 2 is the most exquisite little corner of every exhibition, helping even the smallest stands to win by elegance and refinement. Its unusual forms and luminous […]