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    System NEO Outdoor

    System NEO Outdoor is a weatherproof modification of NEO System, designed to turn an open air space into an enchanting, conceptual environment. It takes a day to mount and few hours to dismantle NEO Outdoor system. It fits in a transportable and compact package. NEO Outdoor is a reusable set that will go to any […]

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    System NEO Double Deck

    NEO Double Deck is designed to break the boredom of regular double deck exhibition stands. When it comes to maximizing the space and creating an inviting environment, NEO Double Deck is an essence of creativity plus functionality. Whether you want to give a premium look to your stand or impress your customers with unique design […]

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    NEO Smoking Cabins

    Neo System presents alternative solution for smoking cabin. It’s a modular structure, that can be adapted to any given space and different geometry. NEO Cabin is a modular system which can change its form at your desire. In other words it can be customized, changing its size or shape without any additional investments. NEO Cabin […]