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    Vision Stuttgart 2018. Visit now.

    As known success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying and most of all, love of what you are doing. We adore what we do and we are totally dedicated to our work. That is why NEO is a trusted partner who will do its best in order you make a break […]

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    Check our features

    Looking for a good solution? Don’t know how to place your products and maximize your booth place? NEO has lots of ideas how to use a booth area in a proper way. Check our features and find the best one for you.

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    First wavy LED made by NEO

    New, unseen, captivating. NEO LED is the only system that can create wavy LED surfaces. It uses size-flexible curved LED components of our own technology to add dynamics to the graphics. When you add a fully implemented motion as part to something static – what you get is a catchier. A catchier is the element […]

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    Feel the taste of NEO

    Feel like your mouth is filled with saliva?) Magic of NEO is not only about the sheen, but also depth combined with very high clarity of the picture. Just do not be surprised if someone tries to bite your stand. We warned you)

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    Can there even be anything that can emphasize the exquisite shimmer of your jewels better than the lustrous sheen of NEO? Check the new booth was built for a most beloved customer of ours Kabarovsky for JUNWEX 2018

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    NEO Textile

    Do double the sensitiveness of your booth. Сombine the captivating gloss and gentle warmth of textile. Make your brand messeges twice as loud.

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    High recognition of the brand always means high expectations of the visitors. And it gets even more demand-full if you have almost a hundred years old brand history. It is our duty to ensure that those expectations are met. We are honored to be trusted by worldly known brands like ISUZU. And we do know […]