• NEO di Mare7

    Our new “NEO di Mare” System on the Marketing Festival “REX” 2014

    Dear friends! At the International Festival of Advertising and Marketing “REX” we have presented our beautiful stand. The festival was held in 2014 in Kiev Expo Plaza in Ukraine. We have demonstrated our new system “NEO di Mare”. This time we have offered not only the new standards of quality and safety, but also anti-recessionary […]

  • Economical Forum Sochi 2014 Redbull2

    Economical Forum Sochi 2014 “Redbull”

    International Investment Forum “Sochi-2014″ is held on September 18-21, 2014 in the Main Media Center, located in the Olympic Park. Forum “Sochi” – is a modern platform for constructive dialogue between business and government, created by the Government of the Russian Federation to solve the issues of the world economy and its main trends. This […]

  • Nike-building-5

    Nike – building

    The NIKE Fight Gravity Station stand — is the unique project designed of System NEO for NIKE events. The stand made its first appearance at Faces&Laces2014 — the largest Moscow event for street fashion and youth subcultures. This glass construction of exciting quality and style will be open from September 12 to September 14 in […]

  • NIKE stand on Faces&Laces festival

    NIKE stand on Faces&Laces festival 2014

    FACES&LACES is an annual interactive exhibition project, that is dedicated to the latest connections of actual fashion and streetwear, visual communications and alternative contemporary art in Moscow with a main focus on subcultures. We are happy to present our System NEO with NIKE stand – lunar station.