• Economical Forum Sochi 2014 Redbull2

    Economical Forum Sochi 2014 “Redbull”

    International Investment Forum “Sochi-2014″ is held on September 18-21, 2014 in the Main Media Center, located in the Olympic Park. Forum “Sochi” – is a modern platform for constructive dialogue between business and government, created by the Government of the Russian Federation to solve the issues of the world economy and its main trends. This […]

  • Nike-building-5

    Nike – building

    The NIKE Fight Gravity Station stand — is the unique project designed of System NEO for NIKE events. The stand made its first appearance at Faces&Laces2014 — the largest Moscow event for street fashion and youth subcultures. This glass construction of exciting quality and style will be open from September 12 to September 14 in […]

  • NIKE stand on Faces&Laces festival

    NIKE stand on Faces&Laces festival 2014

    FACES&LACES is an annual interactive exhibition project, that is dedicated to the latest connections of actual fashion and streetwear, visual communications and alternative contemporary art in Moscow with a main focus on subcultures. We are happy to present our System NEO with NIKE stand – lunar station.