NEO Smoking Cabins

Neo System presents alternative solution for smoking cabin. It’s a modular structure, that can be adapted to any given space and different geometry.

NEO Cabin is a modular system which can change its form at your desire. In other words it can be customized, changing its size or shape without any additional investments.

NEO Cabin is also an advertising tool with inner LED glow which means that external and internal surfaces can be used as elements of changeable advertisement. Advertising content is applied on vinyl film and can be replaced quickly without leaving any traces of glue.

NEO Cabin is furnished with modular air extraction system which can be installed in required quantity. Air extraction modules are licensed, tested and not expensive.

NEO Cabins are made of tempered glass. This category of glass is as safe as the automotive glass. Sources of light, installed into the construction frame, have 3-year warranty and can be easily replaced during lifetime.

Do you find smoking relaxing after a long flight or a stressfull working day? Enjoy it with NEO Smoking cabin where we applied the latest technology and best filtering systems.
Put your trust on us – choose NEO!