About us

NEOSYSTEM is an innovative service provider for adapting space to any occasion or event – exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, corporate events, product presentations, museums, shops and showrooms.

NEOSYSTEM is a new equipment made for designing and building attractive temporary spaces and exhibition stands Temporary architecture designed by NEOSYSTEM has acquired itself as a vivid, breath-taking arts space that empowers events and creates an entirely new experience for your corporate marketing.


    NEOSYSTEM designs are made of safe glass panels with an individual print and magnetizing inner glow that is produced by hundreds of lamps installed inside the metal frame. Unlike other modular solutions, our system has no visible metal poles or beams, making the design construction significantly more appealing to the viewer. NEOSYSTEM is an environmentally friendly alternative to the banners printed on PVC or wooden stands.

    NEO helps to create modern and inviting spaces, using one simple solution. Attract people and gather valuable contacts, companies, voices and ideas around your creatively branded space, designed with the magnificent NEOSYSTEM.

    NEO – is a unique hardware system that uses innovative “Di Mare” curved glass panels, created by architects in order to relieve the boredom of regular exhibition designs.

    NEOSYSTEM have a variety of features that ensure comfort and individuality of your exhibition booth. In-built doors and displays are merged not only visually with the stand , but they also complete its style, immersing visitors into the creative and casual atmosphere. LCD Screens and sound systems can be easily integrated. Transparency effects can be used in the stand design by a combination of graphic design and printing techniques. It is an engaging tool that allows you to create contemporary glass rooms with a partly-visible mise-en-scène, multilayered and porous images.


    Rental of NEO gives you the opportunity to minimize expenses without tying you down to one-model structure for your next event — you can relax and forget about editing, storing and re-editing.

    NEO is produced from tested and certified materials, designed and produced in Europe.

    NEO Philosophy

    NEO assembles as if by magic – modular architectural system joins up with the simple magnetic attachments, transforming it from a simple display system into a fully-fledged shop, office or exhibition stand.

    The user will be persuaded by the simple and self-explanatory design principle, the viewer by the aesthetics and the designer by the versatility in both the graphic and architectonic sense. We’d be delighted to win you over as a partner for our innovative architecture system that quietly but firmly sets the tone.

    NEO Mission

    Our mission is to make the NEOSYSTEM stands more open for the whole world. For the past several months we have created and promoted lots of new opportunities for exhibition stand builders, creative agencies and brands around all over the planet. We have to do a lot, but at this point we can start focusing on what solutions and ideas will come next in order to enable more useful and profitable experiences. By working with local professionals and partners across the industry, together we can achieve success.

    We provide unique and exclusive type of modular equipment, designed to create glowing glass structures with an outstanding look. Highly aspirated and engaging, they are also practical and client focused.

    Get in touch with us to find out more about current partnership opportunities.

  • Benefit with:

    • Cost-conscious rental
    • Easy assembly and dismantling
    • Free design from award-winning team
    • More than 1000 tested solutions
    • Attractive and inviting look
    Technical Characteristics of System NEO