Exhibition stand

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    NEO di Mare

    The NEO di Mare system expands the horizons of the exhibition design, using the waveform and curved glass to create a dynamic and memorable stands. NEO di Mare – This innovation is the fruit of lengthy calculations and experiments. The gentle curve of the walls creates a warm and hospitable area for the stand visitors, […]

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    What worked twenty years ago may not necessarily work today. This thought materialized into System NEO – the first of the NEO series of modular equipment. The result of the experiment was stunning: beautiful, attractive and inspiring glass architecture full of light and colors. Despite the strict limitations of the system – sharp angles, rectangular […]

  • blue-stand3


    Exploring the art of creating new glass structures and studying clients’ feedback, a demand for glass stands that would combine simple geometry and curved angles was created. Rounded corners are easier on human’s eyes and are instinctively perceived as friendly and warm. Rounded rectangles have become a design standard. Because of its appealing aesthetic, NEO […]

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    NEO di Mare 2.0

    As soon as NEO di Mare came to life, its savvier version – NEO di Mare 2 – was developed. Twice as thin and twice as curvy than NEO di Mare, NEO di Mare 2 is the most exquisite little corner of every exhibition, helping even the smallest stands to win by elegance and refinement. […]

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    NEO Outdoor

    Cruise through the summer in style and comfort at an optimal investment in NEO’s latest masterpiece – “The Pergola”. Designed to create an ecstatic atmosphere and to provide a good shade from the blazing sun. A unique work of art suitable as your pool or garden pergola, awesome beach and backyard canopy! Height is adjustable […]