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    NEO Kiosk

    Business centre, golf club, spa or just any open street space – it doesn’t really matter as NEOSYSTEM will help you to impress. NEOSYSTEM is created to represent any kind of product – jewellery, beauty products, food, hot drinks outdoor or cold smoothies inside of the terminal. Send Request Catalogue Video • Urban retail kiosks […]

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    NEO Pergola

    NEO Pergola Cruise through the summer in style and comfort at an optimal investment in NEO’s latest masterpiece – pergola! Designed to create an ecstatic atmosphere and to provide a good shade from the blazing sun. A unique work of art suitable as your pool or garden pergola, awesome beach and backyard canopy! Height is […]

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    NEO Bar & Cafe

    Modular system for all occasions NEO opens new borders in a sphere of cafe architecture space. It’s a unique system with an easy way of rebranding. It means that in several hours your cafe can become a thematic one, whether it is New year, Valentine’s Day or another holiday that requires a specific design (decor). […]

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    NEO Receptions

    We are pleased to inform you that our wonderful modular solutions can be implemented far beyond the exhibition business. Receptions is one of the most inspiring and prospective directions for our innovative glowing glass system.Impression of every hotel, office or conference hall starts from the entrance and reception area. We offer a solution to make […]

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    NEO sells. Get involved

        – Is NEO perfect for advertisement? – Absolutely. Being eye-catching, innovative and modular, NEOSYSTEM is extremely attractive for advertisers. Can be used as a premium-looking brand wall or variously shaped installations as shown on the pictures. Use it anywhere you like: exhibition, shopping centre, airport, office or hotel. Any functional elements of interior […]