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    Feel the taste of NEO

    Feel like your mouth is filled with saliva? Magic of NEO is not only about the sheen, but also depth combined with very high clarity of the picture. Just do not be surprised if someone tries to bite your stand. We warned you)

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    NEO Textile

    Do double the sensitiveness of your booth. Сombine the captivating gloss and gentle warmth of textile. Make your brand messages twice as loud.

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    High recognition of the brand always means high expectations from your visitor. Things gets even more demanding if your brand has an almost 100 years old brand history! It is our duty to ensure that those expectations are met. We are honoured to be trusted by worldly known brands like ISUZU. And we do know […]

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    Colmis stand for Automotive Testing Expo. Stuttgart. 20-22.06.17

    The perfect stand for Colmis company is put on public display. It is filled with hundreds of lights and that is why it stands out from the crowd. We can definitely say that our stand is the cream of the crop! Visit the brightest and the most exquisite stand at the exhibition in Stuttgart. System […]

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    NEO & WOOD

    Combination of classy and high-tech technologies. The warm feeling of wood burning arts joined with progressive sheen of curved glass. Completing the heritage of interior tradition approved through centuries with a new-era approach. New level of difference will ensure you stand out on the ground.

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    NEO Double Deck

    Through the years, NEO put it best to meet all possible special requirements of our clients. One of the most common ones is a double-decker. Truly the most obvious decision for optimization of space. Just double whatever you’ve rented. Second floor completely matches with NEO concepts combining the usability and expensive looks.

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    NEO System for retail and events

    With a great pleasure we would like to introduce you some features we’ve created for NEO. Doors, shelves, displays, sinks and fridges – all can be integrated right into the system. Check out the brand new catalogue to see how NEO can work for you.

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    Hager stand for E:IA, 14-16 April, Kiev Expo Plaza

    This time we did a great job for the well-known German company Hager, which works all around the world and is noted for being one of the leading supplier of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The simplicity of shape and elegance of the glass will take your breath […]


    New NEO warehouse – meet us in Turkey soon!

    Selamlar! System NEO keeps expanding its warehouse network and now we greet our friends and partners in Turkey. We’re opening a new office so you have a brilliant chance of highlighting your ideas. We’re happy to be closer to you worldwide. We can already build for you in these regions: Europe; UAE; Ukraine; Russia; Azerbaijan; […]