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Business mall, golf club, spa or just a piece of land on the street – it doesn’t really matter as NEOSYSTEM will help you to impress.
NEOSYSTEM is created to represent any kind of product – jewellery, beauty products, foods, hot drinks outdoor or cold smoothies inside of the terminal.

Urban retail kiosks designed for your products and services.
Free 3-D graphical design options.
Economic spotlights.
Quick change of scenery.
TV screens.
5 days needed for design and 14 days to manufacture.
Our Kiosks are easy to assemble and dismantle.
Delivery from Cologne (Germany).

NEOSYSTEM. It’s a free-standing unit made of our modular glass system that can be installed on any given surface. The “kiosk” – just a symbolic name of this installation – is actually a multipurpose sale unit with a great shiny look that will definitely help you to sell any product: either it sandwiches and ice cream or jewellery and cosmetics.

We offer different custom-made shapes: round, rectangular, squared and triangular.

NEOSYSTEM - Heineken

We have developed a new modular glass system that in the many years has successfully proved itself as a great construction tool for exhibitions and events. Following market research and our clients’ feedback we have decided to expand the capabilities of our equipment, in order for use in different industries. Moreover, several new designs and additional features for interiors and Horeca sector were improved.


We drew and actually built in our “backyard” architectural elements of interiors for indoor café and bar.
Our system has already been tested at few events as a temporary solution for bars. As a result, our clients were impressed not only by the design but also by the functionality as well.
We offer Neo Horeca solution for:
– Hotel
– Restaurant
– Café
– Lounge bar
– Night club
– Banquet hall
– Airport
– Swimming pool area
– Beach bar
– Shopping mall
– Railway station
– Many other area

Neo benefits:
– Premium look
– Inner glow
– Dynamic lights
– High quality print
– Safe tempered glass
– Sustainable frame
– Adjustable shape
– Integrated doors and shelves
– Various features
– Easy décor replacement
– Environmentally clean
– Sanitarily appropriate
– Heat resistant


- Is NEO perfect for advertisement?
- Absolutely.
Being eye-catching, innovative and modular, NEOSYSTEM are extremely attractive for advertisers. Can be used as a premium-looking brand wall or differently shaped installations as it is shown in the pictures. Use it at an exhibition, shopping mall, airport, office or hotel. Any functional elements of interior can be added if necessary: tables, shelves or TV screens.

Inner glowing and high quality print. Replacement of images in 24 hours.

Advertise with NEO – your brand will be 100% noticed.

Buy your unique indoor kiosks now.

With NEO’s custom indoor kiosks designed and delivered to you, everything you can imagine is real!

NEO Provides yet another economic option of a reusable modular glass kiosk which is the perfect display and outlet you need for your tattoo expertise and each glass panel has a high quality print which could be used as your gallery.

We are committed to your excellence and we provide free 3D graphical design options. Each or several glass panels can be used to display your premium works of art.

Our team creates multiple design options in 5 days and your kiosks can be manufactured in 14 days. Our kiosks are easy to assemble and dismantle and they are delivered directly from Cologne.


Any shape and size for your request.

We customize unique eyecatching design for you. It will be tailored exactly to your needs and fully meet your expectations.

Complete change of the whole design concept for 1 day.

It takes only 5 days to create your individual project. And it's free of charge.

We handle all the connection and installation.

NEOSYSTEM advantages: