Modular system for all occasions

NEO opens new borders in a sphere of cafe architecture space. It’s a unique system with an easy way of rebranding. It means that in several hours your cafe can become a thematic one, whether it is New year, Valentine’s Day or another holiday that requires a specific design (decor).

It’s not all about a design with NEO, but about a great variety of shapes and sizes with integrated features and a space for specialized equipment. Glossy glass panels are easily assembled, and the material itself is eco-friendly and more importantly quickly disinfected.

Neo is more than about captivating look and premium quality. It’s about a feeling.

A business center, golf club or spa - it doesn't matter because NEOSYSTEM is here to help you to make an impression.

NEOSYSTEM was created to represent any type of product - jewelry, beauty products, groceries, hot drinks or cold smoothies.

NEOSYSTEM is a freestanding construction made from our modular glass panels which could be installed anywhere.

The cafe is just the symbolic name of this installation - universal retail unit with a gorgeous shiny look that will definitely help you to sell any product - sandwiches and ice cream or jewelry and cosmetics.

NEOSYSTEM advantages: