Technical Characteristics of System NEO

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The main purpose of the system is the exhibition and exposition activity of the company, without any additional investment in tangible long period of operation.

Components of the stand of the system allows it to use in a variety of formats and shapes and requires no financial investment for the construction to fit in the constructive configuration. Thus the stand can be used in different configurations such as: island, peninsula, cornered, linier. The system is perfectly used with separated compartments to create a variety of functional areas (closed negotiating areas, household units, wardrobes, mirrored room).

The replicability of the system provides interchangeability and full autonomy of its individual parts. The exhibition stand can be used in different shapes and visual images from year to year. Due to its characteristics, if necessary, the stand can be used for: trade fairs, showrooms, museums, shops and so on.

Information on the number of personnel required to install the system NEO

The structure and configuration of the system NEO designed and implemented in order to minimize the number of members of staff.

Personnel involved in the installation, inspection, control, change and uninstalling NEO systems may consist of employees who do not have special skills. Employees of the client’s organization are capable of operating the system after receiving and examination of relevant instructions.

The number of personnel will be determined based on the number of designs as well as the area of the stand. Estimated number of staff of 7 people will be sufficient to ensure that the systems NEO, in accordance with the requirements set forth in the present terms of reference. The minimum number of staff is sufficient for maintenance of the system NEO, will be determined at the stage of installation supervision.

Information on the technical characteristics of the components of the nodes.

Technical characteristics of the main constituent elements of systems NEO:

  • Aluminum tubes (with internal magnetic mount) of various sizes L = 300mm; 600mm; 680mm.
  • The connecting element (multi-vector) – various modifications that takes into account the numerous possibilities of the framework.
  • Diagonal steel cables – used to distribute the load on the frame and to increase its strength and stability.
  • Fluorescent lamps with the soft glow L = 1200mm; 600mm
  • Glass diffusing panels coated with a large-format printing, the high-quality tempered glass in various sizes and configurations depending on the particular frame.
  • The volume of construction is used in standard variations of stands of various sizes (up to 250 sq. m.) does not exceed 4 m³

Conditions and requirements for the installation of the system NEO.

The installation can be done with simple tools that guarantees the safety of tie knots, bolts and threads from the breakdown in violation of the force vector at the time of attachment.

Magnetic inserts in the frame ensure correct installation without temporary fixation devices.

The modularity of the system involves 110,000 solutions depending on the configuration, features, ergonomics, and demands on a particular group of products represented.

The presence of two planes for attaching panels involves the use of directed and reflected light, and use both sides for decorating various materials.

The system is equipped with a built-in doors and showcases that are interchangeable with nodal bundle.

Boxes, containers, packing available according to the needs of the customer, storage, stacking, rigging and transportation.

Safety Information

Safety frame structure provided with a special addition of aluminum alloy and titanium to magnesium tensile strength and bending displacement. “Fingers” that provide cross-mounting made of stainless steel and provide structural strength to the sliding gap.

Glass coating stand by using tempered glass and laminated glass film prevents splashing in the case of force majeure mechanical effects. Small thickness (4 mm) glass provides for a small proportion of high stela, piers, ramps and consoles.

Electrification system stand made of pre-certified fixtures, past measurement of insulation and resistance. Fixtures interchangeable plastic housing protected from direct mechanical action.

Operation mounted stand insured ropes around the perimeter. The design communicates “in the loop” that allows you to not “bind” it to the ceiling, walls and floor temporarily leased premises and ensures independence from traumatic hangers. The stand is equipped with a circuit-breaker from electrical shock, voltage stabilizer, packet switches 9th at 16 Amps.

Information on the operation, maintenance, repair and storage components of the system NEO

Frame System NEO does not require special storage conditions between operations. The frame is resistant to the environment (protected by anodizing). The system does not require technical inspection at exhibition (short-term) installation.

To safeguard the complete system, it is necessary to comply with the standard safety rules for storage and transportation of glass. Transport marking of glass produced in accordance with GOST 14192 with the application of manipulation signs: “FRAGILE” “CAUTION”, “TOP”, and «NO WATER”. During the storage and use of the glass it is necessary to place special stuffing between the layers of the glass, wiping the glass with a hard cloth, long-term presence of moisture on the glass surface.