NEO Kiosk


Business centre, golf club, spa or just any open street space – it doesn’t really matter as NEOSYSTEM will help you to impress!
It is applicable both to high-tech and province stylistics due to the wide range of graphic design.
Add beauty to the surroundings with the glowing magic of NEO. Amaze your customers with gloss. Attract them with something different. Be a pearl! Magnetic NEO-atmosphere and dozens of features will ensure the attention.



For shopping mall and exhibition centers, airport and subway stations we offer our new product – NEO food kiosk. It’s a free-standing unit made of our modular glass system that can be installed on any given surface.
The “kiosk” is just a symbolic name for this installation, as it is actually a multipurpose sale unit with a great shiny look, that will definitely help you sell any product: be it sandwiches and ice cream or jewellery and cosmetics.

We offer different custom-made shapes: round, rectangular, squared and triangular.



Rectangular gives you variety of sizes and shapes due to the flexibility of our modular system.

Within our kiosk we offer variety of features: integrated shelves, cabinets, displays and TV screen. Also we can make a space for specialized equipment: refrigerators, ovens, grills etc.

Round kiosk comes in two sizes: 2700 mm and 5400 mm diameters.

We offer NEO HoReRa solution for:
– Restaurant
– Café
– Lounge bar
– Night club
– Banquet hall
– Airports
– Hotels
– Swimming pool area
– Beach bar
– Shopping mall
– Railway stations
and many other areas.

NEO benefits:
– Premium look
– Inner glow
– Dynamic lights
– High quality print
– Safe tempered glass
– Stable frame
– Adjustable shape
– Integrated doors and shelves
– Various features
– Easy décor replacement
– Environmentally friendly
– Sanitary
– Heat and sun resistant

We need your floor plans and dimensions to start working on your design proposal.
We need your logo, slogan and corporate colours for a bespoke decoration.
We will produce, deliver and install our product at your chosen site.

We have developed a new modular glass system that after the many years has successfully proven itself as a great construction tool for exhibitions and events. Following market research and our clients’ feedback, we have decided to expand the capabilities of our equipment to use it in different industries. Moreover, several new designs and additional features for interiors and HoReCa sector were improved.

Video NEO Cafe & Bar. Heineken

– Is NEO perfect for advertisement?
– Absolutely.

Being eye-catching, innovative and modular, NEOSYSTEM is extremely attractive for advertisers. Can be used as a premium-looking brand wall or variously shaped installations as shown on the pictures. Use it anywhere you like: exhibition, shopping centre, airport, office or hotel.

Advertise with NEO and your brand will be 100% noticed.

Video NEO Burn

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